DSD Plant Hire List

Canycom S25A Skip Dumper

Canycom S25A Tracked Swivel Skip Dumper

Machine Dimensions: 3.73 x 1.68 x 2.39m
Weight: 2.35 tonnes
Payload: 2.5 tonnes
The Canycom S25A Tracked Swivel Skip Dumper with 180 Pivoting Dump Box is designed for excellent performance and precise maneuverability in extreme conditions. A hydraulically operated 180 swivel dump simplifies the loading and unloading of material even on what seems like impassable, narrow terrain, while the 90 dumping angle ensures an efficient unloading process. The 180 pivoting dump box reduces ground impact and increases maneuverability in tight spaces.
Thwaites 6T Swivel Skip Dumper

Thwaites 6T Swivel Skip Dumper

Length: 4.44m
Maximum Safe Load: 6 tonnes

dsd construction planer


Wirtgen W100cfi Planer

Overall Width: 2660 mm
Engine Capacity: 8,300 cc
Weight: 19,800 kg
Max Milling Width: 1,000mm
Milling Depth: 0-320mm
Machine Dimensions: 5,900 x 2,550, x 3,100m
A robust road milling machine with mechanically driven milling drum and two-stage front loading conveyor system. The machine is equipped with permanent all wheel drive as a standard feature. Can be hired with a 20t Mercedes tipper which will deliver machine to site and remove the planings.
Vogele 1803-3i Paver

Vogele 1803-3i Paver

Overall length: 6m
Overall Width: 3.27m
Height: 3.86m
Operating weight: 17.3 Tonnes
Hopper capacity: 13 Tonnes
Screed width: 2.55m to 5m
Theoretical laying rate: 700 tonnes per hour
The SUPER 1803-3i is the successor to the SUPER 1802 and boasts the same high level of perfection, it combines features such as sturdy and reliable material handling, large pave widths up to 8m, excellent mobility and easy transfer under its own power.

Vogele 1803-2 Paver

Overall length: 6.1m
Overall Width: 2.7m
Height: 3.80m
Operating weight: 17.3 Tonnes
Hopper capacity: 13 Tonnes
Screed width: 2.7m to 5m
Theoretical laying rate: 700 tonnes per hour
The SUPER 1803-2 is the most powerful wheeled paver in the range of VGELE products. At a high level of perfection, it combines features such as sturdy and reliable material handling, large pave widths up to 8m, excellent mobility and easy transfer under its own power.

Vogele 800s Paver

Overall length: 4.80m
Overall Width: 2.87m
Height: 2.10m
Operating weight: 5.5 Tonnes
Hopper capacity: 3 Tonnes
Screed width: 0.50m to 3.20m with extension boxes
Theoretical laying rate: 250 tonnes per hour
Crawler tracks with rubber pads
Thanks to its compact size, variable pave width and excellent performance, the SUPER 800 easily handles paving jobs such as footpaths, cycle paths, small areas, applications on public grounds as well as repair and reinstatement work.

Tex 12ft and 14ft Hydrostatic Chip Spreader and Trailer

Self-propelled by a low noise twin cylinder diesel engine
Hydrostatic transmission
Powered steering system.
Control of machine from centre or remotely.
Complete safety with emergency stop buttons and deadmans switches at each control station.
Fixed loading hopper.
Externally adjustable gates.
Hamm HW90 Roller

HAMM HW90B/10 Roller

Overall Width: 2660 mm
Height: 3220 mm
Operating weight: 10,670 kg
Drum Width Front: 1100mm
Drum Width Rear: 610mm
Maximum Working Width: 2020mm Edge Pressing Assembly
Cutting Disc Diameter: 390mm
Hydrostatic traction drive, with an ideal load distribution between the front and rear drums. A pressured sprinkler system, wiht a larger water tank holding over 400 litres, allowing for an extensive operating time.

HAMM HD 075V Roller

Overall length: 4340mm
Overall Width: 1790mm
Height: 2940mm
Operating weight: 10,300 kg
Drum width: 1680mm
Articulated tandem roller with two vibratory drums with ergonomic driver seat with 2 multifunction drive levers. Has a clear view of the drum surface and its outer edge and working environment.

HAMM HD14W Roller

Overall length: 2.86m
Overall Width: 1.51m
Height: 2.60m
Operating weight: 4.20 Tonnes Max weight 4.70 Tonnes
Drum width: 1.39m
Optimum front view due to a con-caving front end, optimum view of drums outer edges and a ergonomic driver platform makes this paving roller a highly capable piece of rolling equipment.

HAMM HD12VV Roller

Overall length: 2.46m
Overall Width: 1.31m
Height: 2.39m
Operating weight: 2.54 Tonnes Max weight 2.90 Tonnes
Drum width: 1.20m
Crab Steering
Double drum roller with great visibility thanks to the sloping hood makes this roller a vital piece of plant for your road surfacing needs.

Mercedes Actros 20T Tipper

Overall Length: 8.79m
Unladen Height: 3.23m
Ground Clearance Front (laden): 3.53m
Ground Clearance Rear (laden): 3.03m
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 32 tonnes
Max Gross Train Weight: 44 tonnes
Turning Circle (wall to wall): 21.5mAlso available to work with our Wirtgen planer

Mitsubishi Canter 7.5T Tipper

Overall Length: 5.94m
Unladen Height: 2.19m
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 7.5 tonnes
Max Gross Train Weight: 110 tonnes
Turning Circle (wall to wall): 13.8m

Volvo 8X4 Tipper

Carrying Capacity: 20t
Full insulated tipper body
Automatic rear doors and tar chutes
JCB 8030ZTS Mini Excavator

JCB 8030ZTS 3T Mini Excavator

Operating Weight: 3.22 tonnes
Maximum Dig Depth: 3.12m
Maximum Dump Height: 3.21m
The 8030 ZTS weighs 3217 kg, and a powerful 1.5 litre Perkins 3-cylinder 20.9 kW engine is mounted to a stable undercarriage thats carefully matched to the dig envelope for optimum performance and added safety. The undercarriage and dozer blade on this JCB mini digger are designed to ensure that debris doesnt build up underneath or in front of the machine to slow you down.
Doosan DX30Z Mini Excavator

Doosan DX30Z 3T Mini Excavator

Operating Weight: 3.18 tonnes
Maximum Dig Depth: 2.95m
Maximum Dump Height: 3.19m
The DX30Z is equipped with optimal systems suitable for various applications from pipe work to landscaping. The compactness of the machine allows operations within confined spaces as well as operations in restricted areas around buildings. The accurate, smooth and poweful digging performance maximizes the productivity.
JCB 535-140 Loadall

JCB 535-140 Loadall

Maximum Lift Capacity: 3.5 tonnes
Maximum Lift Height: 13.78m
Maximum Engine Power: 93kW
The JCB 535-140 Hi-Viz is a full-sized 3-or-4-stage Loadall with a huge reach. With its lowered boom pivot and reduced-size (though very strong) boom section, the 535-140 Hi-Viz represents a major step forward in telescopic handler visibility. A 10% all-round increase to be exact, making the machine easier and faster to operate.
Andover Tri-axle Plant Trailer

Andover Tri-axle Plant Trailer

Low Loader Trailer
Flip Toe Ramps
Steel Swan Neck Ramps
Scania R480 King GTS38 Plant Trailer

Scania R480 Unit C/W King GTS38 Stepframe Plant Trailer

Scania DC 13 480 13 Litre In-line 6 Cylinder
Power – 480hp (353kW) @ 1900rpm
Torque – 2500Nm (1844ft/lb) @ 1000-1300rpm
King GTS38 Low Loader
Side Shifting Ramps

Johnston VT651 Road Sweeper

Payload Capacity: 6 tonnes
Clean Water Tank Capacity: 1572 litres
Chassis GVM: 13-15 tonnes
Maximum Swept Width: 3.6m
Auxiliary Fuel Tank: 190 litres
The V Range provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments – benefits that make the Johnston V Range the sweeper of choice worldwide.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 3000 Litre Spray Tanker

Tank Capacity: 3000 Litre
JCB 2CX Breaker

JCB 2CX Streetmaster Hydraulic Breaker

Overall Length: 5.4m
Total Travel Clearance: 2.72m
Shovel Width: 1.85m
Stabiliser Feet Clearance: 0.31m
Powerful 75hp JCB engine which generates high torque to suit all applications. Ground level daily checks for faster more efficient services. Limited Slip Differential axles front and rear give excellent traction ever in the most difficult of conditions
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