DSD Policies & Accreditations

The Mission Statement of DSD Construction Ltd is:-

“Our commitment to quality and continual improvement through collectively promoting and implementing the procedure within the quality system.”

It is the aim of DSD to ensure that the quality of work provided by the company satisfies the agreed customer requirements. To achieve and maintain the required standard it is the responsibility of all management staff to constantly recognize and promote the quality systems in place through customer feedback, internal audits and contract reviews so this can be relayed throughout the company’s staff and workforce.

In order to attain the required standard it is imperative that management recognize and adequately set aside sufficient resources for the development and training of all employees and to ensure that a high standard is achieved and maintained.

It is a fundamental requirement of all company staff, employees and their sub-contractors that individually and collectively they strive to adhere to the above statement.

This company is committed to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 including NHSS 16.

The purpose of this policy is to specify how the company will achieve the requirements laid down by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The policy also addresses how the company will maintain a “healthy” workforce through its Occupational Health Programme.

The Management of the Company’s Health and Safety System will be discharged through the Company Management Structure identified in the organisational chart.

The Director has overall responsibility for the Health and Safety Management Systems.

The responsibility for advising and monitoring the Health and Safety Management System will be through the General Manager.

The Directors will ensure sufficient financial support and adequate resources to discharge the following Aims and Objectives.

Management of all Safety & Health Issues

The Company will ensure that the following “control measures” are applied:

  • The provision of suitable & specific Safety, Health & Environmental information and training to enable them to carry out their specific job role
  • The provision of well maintained, inspected and tested plant and equipment which are suitable for the tasks being carried out
  • The provision of suitably qualified Supervisors to ensure that our construction works are being carried out in line with our S.H.E standards
  • The provision of suitable Policies which address the “key issues” which affect individuals at work i.e. Equal opportunity, Driving, Stress and Office Safety

Health and Safety Aims & Objectives

The Company will ensure that the following arrangements are developed, actioned and reviewed:

  • The prevention of fatalities, majors and reportable accidents through pro-active inspection and audit
  • The reduction in minor accidents through employee and subcontractor education and the effective use of PPE
  • The prevention of any health issues which could affect the administration and site personnel, i.e. respiratory problems through the inhalation of dust, hand arm vibration (HAV) through misuse of plant and repetitive strain injury
  • The provision of a forum for all employees to review any concerns/suggestions associated with themselves or their particular job


The implementation of this Safety and Occupational Health Policy is the joint responsibility of all employees.

It is the duty of all employees to take reasonable care of him/herself and other persons either employed by or working on behalf of the Company. This duty also includes co-operation with the Company, in applying the extensive control measures discussed in the overall Health and Safety Management Systems.

It is the intent of the Company to formally discipline any persons who wilfully fails to comply with the requirements of this Policy Statement.

The Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure all current legislation has been incorporated into the Companies “arrangement.”

DSD Construction Ltd aims to achieve outstanding performance in environmental practice by minimising the environmental impact of all its operations, preventing pollution and striving for continual improvement in its environmental performance whilst working towards more sustainable operating practices.

We also aim to optimise our use of natural resources, reduce waste generated by our operations and develop sustainable opportunities to use recycled materials. The management of DSD Construction Ltd is responsible for ensuring that appropriate arrangements are made for the fulfilment of this policy and for monitoring its implementation and effectiveness.

To manage our impacts on air, water, land and people we will:

  • Meet and, where possible, exceed applicable legal requirements, regulations and standards
  • Record, report, investigate and take action to address environmental incidents and community complaints
  • Measure and manage energy use and carbon emissions and set improvement targets
  • Demonstrate the efficient use of natural resources to minimise waste and to re-use or recycle materials
  • Enhance environmental awareness of employees through structured training
  • Encourage the adoption of sound environmental principles amongst contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Report performance to stakeholders, review environmental impacts of the businesses’ operations
  • Allocate adequate resources to fulfil this policy


Achieve EN ISO 14001 certification and implement ISO 14001 throughout the organisation by July 2017.

Senior management will review this policy annually and establish environmental objectives and targets that are consistent with the company’s current policy commitments.

DSD is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment.

Accordingly, management will ensure that recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion procedures result in no job applicant or employee receiving less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, trade union membership or non-membership, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, age, or on the basis of being a part-time or fixed term worker.

The Company’s objective is to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and otherwise treated solely on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities.

Management has the primary responsibility for successfully meeting these objectives by:

  • not discriminating in the course of employment against employees or job applicants
  • not inducing or attempting to induce others to practise unlawful discrimination; and
  • bringing to the attention of employees that they will be subject to action under the Disciplinary Procedure for unlawful discrimination of any kind

You can contribute by:

  • not discriminating against fellow employees, customers, suppliers or members of the public with whom you come into contact during the course of your duties
  • not inducing or attempting to induce others to practise unlawful discrimination; and
  • reporting any discriminatory action to a Director

The successful achievement of these objectives necessitates a contribution from everyone and you have an obligation to report any act of discrimination known to you.

If you consider that you are a victim of unlawful discrimination you may raise the issue through the Grievance Procedure.

DSD actively promotes and maintains a safe system of work and operates a Worksafe Policy for all of its employees and sub-contractors working on all sites. DSD do not expect any employee or sub-contractor to undertake any duties unless they are competent, have been informed of all relevant information regarding the task and have suitable PPE.

All employees and sub-contractors are required to work safely at all times and to ensure that others around them also work safely. No employee of DSD or sub-contractor will be expected to carry out any task where the risk to themselves or anyone else is considered unacceptable.
Under this policy, every member of staff has the absolute right to refuse to carry out work if they believe it is not safe to do so.

Any refusal to work on the grounds of health and safety will not incur any disciplinary action or financial penalty and it will not affect their future work with the company.

All refusals to work must be responded to positively and promptly. The person raising the worksafe procedure will be kept informed of any decisions.

All members of staff are encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions they may have witnessed.

Following a situation arising when an individual has refused to work for health and safety reasons, a report must be made, initially, to the senior person on site detailing the invocation of the Worksafe Policy and the reasons why work has stopped. Reports of unsafe working will be investigated and any appropriate remedial action will be taken.

As part of our overall health and safety policy, DSD Construction Ltd recognises that fatigue is a major health and safety risk that we must control effectively. DSD Construction Ltd is fully committed to managing and mitigating fatigue risks and ensuring staff receive enough rest to perform their duties safely.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Develop and implement a robust fatigue risk management system (FRMS) which will form part of our Safety Management System
  • Commit the necessary resources to develop and sustain the FRMS on an ongoing basis
  • To include fatigue as an agenda item at our Health & Safety meetings comprising of managers and employee representatives
  • Introduce effective controls at individual, job and organisational levels
  • Ensure all staff representative groups are included during fatigue discussion
  • Have in place processes to manage and mitigate the risks of the workforce becoming fatigued
  • Monitor and review current fatigue controls for continued effectiveness
  • Collect and use the necessary data and it effects, including the fatigue reporting system for reporting errors, adverse events and concerns which could have a fatigue element
  • Identify arrangements for training, communication and information for all staff on fatigue issues

It is essential that management show commitment to monitoring and managing fatigue and the whole Company co-operates. Managing fatigue will only be realised with the full involvement and commitment of leadership and staff alike at every stage of the process including the creation of an organisational culture in relation to fatigue, where staff and managers feel encouraged to honestly share, discuss and process fatigue issues.

This statement sets out the Company’s policy in respect of any Employee, Contractors and Sub?contractors whose ability is impaired as a result of drugs or alcohol. Reference has been taken in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and the Transport and Works Act 1992 (relating to railways) and the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS Regulations) in respect of critical work on the Railways.

In addition, any person who misuses drugs or alcohol may be in breach of section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which requires that Employees take reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work and that of section 15 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

It is Company policy to encourage Employees to seek help if they have a drugs or alcohol related problem. The Company can offer specialist advice and assistance where appropriate.

The Company regards Health and Safety at Work as a matter of paramount importance, and therefore, expects Employees, Contractors and Sub-contractors to take a responsible approach to alcohol consumption. All Employees, Contractors and Sub-contractors must ensure that their level of alcohol consumption will not affect their ability to work.

An individual will not be compliant with the screening requirements and our policy if they have:

  • more than 29 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood, or
  • more than 13 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath, or
  • more than 39 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of urine

Additionally, the individual will not be compliant with the screening requirements and our policy if they have:

  • the presence of drugs for which there is no legitimate medical need for either their use or the quantity of their use.

Drugs can be obtained with or without a prescription and can affect work performance and safety including the safety of others. Therefore, all forms of drugs prescribed or otherwise must be reported immediately to your responsible Manager so that the necessary checks can be undertaken to confirm the possibility of any side effects and/or issues relating to personal safety whilst working. Information regarding medication use is confidential.

The company will take disciplinary action, including dismissal, for the following serious offences:

  • Possessing, using or selling illicit drugs
  • Possessing, using or selling alcohol during work hours
  • Being impaired through substance abuse and or alcohol during working hours
  • Failure to report drugs that can affect your work performance and safety and the safety of others

The Company reserves the right to carry out pre-employment and job promotion alcohol and drug screening. We also reserve the right to carry out unannounced random tests for alcohol and drug use and to test Employees, Contractors and Sub-contractors who are involved in industrial accidents or where an individual believes that substance abuse has contributed to an incident, or change in behavior, work performance, or where required as part of the audit process.

Employees, Contractors and Sub-contractors who refuse to take a test will be liable for disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal. A refusal is classified as a positive result or alcohol and drug test failure. A positive alcohol and drug test (failure) of an Employee will result in suspension from duty without pay. Contractor or Sub-contractor positive alcohol and drug test (failure) will result in reporting to the controlling organization and their disqualification from future works.

This policy has been endorsed by the Management team at DSD Construction Limited who take direct responsibility for its execution.

DSD Construction is a socially and environmentally responsible business. We are a Construction & Surfacing company providing services throughout the north of England. Our activities have an impact on the environment, our people, the communities in which we operate, our customers and supply chain. We are accountable for ensuring we minimise that impact by approaching our business aims responsibly and by responding to the different concerns and demands of our stakeholders, while remaining profitable and competitive. This means conducting our activities according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. In this way, 050 continues to deliver a high-quality service throughout the construction sector.

In all aspects of our responsibilities, we work closely with our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors. We strive to balance short-term and long-term interests as well as integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into our strategic decision-making. We are open?minded in dialogue with those who are affected by our operations and communicate with our stakeholders in a timely and effective manner.

This statement provides the basis for managing our corporate social responsibilities and forms the starting point for developing and implementing our policies and procedures in this area.

Stakeholders: treating our employees, customers, supply chain and communities with respect

Our people: we are committed to our employees

We recognise the need to be able to attract, recruit and retain employees with the potential, skills and experience necessary for the continued growth and development of our business. The commitments to our people are embodied within the following:

Health, safety and wellbeing

Health and safety is a key priority for our business. We are committed to maintaining and continuously improving standards of occupational health and safety for all our employees, subcontractors and those affected by our activities including members of the public. #

Equality and diversity

We are committed to providing an inclusive working environment where all employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect and where everyone feels valued irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or age. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment and ensuring that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment.

Learning and development

We are committed to creating a learning culture and providing opportunities to ensure that our people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to maximise business effectiveness. We will also support our people in realising their potential while contributing to the development of the business and the achievement of its objectives.

Our customers: we strive to satisfy our customers

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver a quality service on time, safely and with due regard to the environment. We will work with and support them in developing sustainable solutions to meet their needs.

Our communities: we promote good community relations

By its very nature, new construction and road infrastructure has an impact upon the local environment, the end users and the wider community. We take a proactive stance in ensuring that our work causes the minimum of disruption to our neighbours and their communities.

Environment: acknowledging our responsibility to future generations

Environmental management: we strive to improve our environmental performance

We take all reasonable steps to manage our operations so as to minimise our environmental impact and promote good environmental practice. We acknowledge our responsibility to the natural environment and strive to minimise any negative impact from our operations.

Energy and resources: we will improve efficiency

Climate change is one of the key environmental challenges our business faces and we are committed to regularly reviewing our business practices and performance to identify how we can reduce our requirements for energy, transport and water usage. We will also promote good practice in respect of recycling and waste minimisation. Where possible we will use alternative materials and methods to optimise the use of resources in collaboration with our clients and suppliers.

Innovation: we innovate to find balanced sustainable solutions

Innovation is essential for the development of our business and for creating vibrant sustainable solutions in the built environment. We aim to stimulate sustainable solutions that balance economic, environmental and social issues.

We believe that by acting upon these commitments we are creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders and broader society.

Our Accreditations & Certificates

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