DSD and MacRebur

DSD and MacRebur

DSD are proud to be one of the first companies working with MacRebur and their revolutionary new road surface 'Plasmac'. Plasmac is an asphalt road material that uses recycled waste plastic instead of bitumen. It was developed by Toby McCartney and friends Nick Burnett and Gordon Reid, who all live nearby in Eaglesfield, Dumfries and Galloway.

Tests show Plasmac to be 60% stronger than the current British standard asphalt - increasing the road lifespan with less potholes and surface damage.

It also uses local waste plastics such as bottles and bags, which reduces carbon emissions and the impact on the environment.

Other benefits include lower raw material costs, reduced road maintenance costs and waste plastic disposal costs.

The idea caught the eye of Sir Richard Branson earlier this year as MacRebur were named winners of the Virgin Media Business Boom Competition.

DSD have a long standing relationship with a partner of MacRebur, so they asked us to come on board due to our experience and reputation in surfacing.

img_5765We've already used Plasmac during works at Waterbeck and Exelby services off junction 42 of the M6 in Carlisle (pictured).

Our next project with the material is at Kirklinton Hall. It will also be used during any cable installation work for Virgin Media.

Martin Tweddle, general manager, said: "DSD are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with MacRebur for the laying of their new Plasmac material, which substitutes bitumen for waste plastics.

"We are looking at sustainability and a bright future and using recycled plastic is a fantastic thing."

For more information please visit www.macrebur.com.

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