Quality Statement
The Mission Statement of DSD Construction Ltd is:-

“Our commitment to quality and continual improvement through collectively promoting and implementing the procedure within the quality system.”

It is the aim of DSD to ensure that the quality of work provided by the company satisfies the agreed customer requirements. To achieve and maintain the required standard it is the responsibility of all management staff to constantly recognize and promote the quality systems in place through customer feedback, internal audits and contract reviews so this can be relayed throughout the company’s staff and workforce.

In order to attain the required standard it is imperative that management recognize and adequately set aside sufficient resources for the development and training of all employees and to ensure that a high standard is achieved and maintained.

It is a fundamental requirement of all company staff, employees and their sub-contractors that individually and collectively they strive to adhere to the above statement.

This company is committed to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 including NHSS 16.